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SPECIAL — Our Multi-Pair Lense Event is still on.

Purchase any regular pair of glasses and enjoy 50% off all additional lenses. Unlimited quantities.

Secondary pairs or more have up to 90 days from the date of your first purchase to use our exclusive 50% off promotional discount.

NEW PRODUCT — Helium Eyewear. Italian Style, Italian Made.

Eyeglasses Winnipeg, Helium Eyewear Logo

“Helium Eyewear, one of the most sought-after brands for eyewear lovers who want on trend, quality eyewear at affordable prices. Styling eyewear aficionados for over 18 years, Helium Eyewear offers a wide range of fashion forward eyewear for today’s men and women.”


Eyeglasses Winnipeg, David Backham Eyewear Logo

“David Beckham has curated a collection of timeless frames made from the very finest materials. His exacting taste and eye for detail have brought together an exceptional contemporary aesthetic with traditional craftsmanship. The brand reflects David's vision, with a constant dedication to quality.”

EXCITING NEWS! We now offer our own ACADEMY OPTICAL private label frames.

Eyeglasses Winnipeg Academy Optical Private Label

Exceptional quality and value. Custom hand-crafted acetate frames in classic styling, made in Germany. These frames are amazingly comfortable, light-weight, durable and stylish. Only the highest quality and best premium materials are used in the construction of our frames.

N49°, True Canadian Quality. EXCUSIVE, Made in Canada and available here right now!


N49° quality has seamless transitions, 4 stage tumbling, the highest quality hinges, precise, 5-axis milling, 4 levels of hand polishing - all with beautiful unique colours. The difference is all in the details.

Manufactured on a cutting edge production line, N49° is producing frames with a quality and customization not previously seen in the market. And now exclusively at Academy Optical.

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